Affiliate Profits With Downloadable Audiobooks

Affiliate marketers seeking to bolster their product line need to to start with possess a perspective in the downloadable audiobook market dimensions. Is Audible the very best of audiobook options, which has liked a compound normal development level of over 100% considering the fact that 2004. Amazon would be the undisputed leader from the globally book marketplace, online or offline. Barnes & Noble is another very popular and highly visited audio book market place on the Internet.

But here could be the interesting point.

In 2005, the leading audiobook download company was, with sales of $65 million. That sales figure is exclusively downloadable audiobooks. Interestingly, that $65
million represents only 3% share with the total audiobook industry dimensions, meaning that the vast majority in the audiobook market is is still a land grab. Affiliate marketers who quickly seize the opportunity to weave
audiobook products into their niche sites will reap the rewards.

Let’s examine how affiliates can implement this strategy:

Go Wide: With thousands of audio books available for download, with more coming daily, an affiliate marketer has an almost limitless choice of market niches into which she can build in audiobooks for added monetization. There are dozens of audiobook categories that already overlay popular affiliate niches (e.g. business, health and recreation, self help) as well as subcategories (e.g. management, motivation, sex & relationships).

The challenge is certainly not finding applicable audiobook titles, rather it is building out niche sites as fast as possible with as much relevant audiobook content as possible. Fortunately, the technology is available today to quickly and easily add customized audio ebook content to virtually any affiliate web site.

Don’t have got a niche web site? Just select a topic and build around an audiobook category. Of course, you’ll want to add articles and reviews to distinguish your web site and create value for your visitors more than and above the availability of audiobook download titles.

Go Deep: Think about your last visit to Barnes & Noble or Borders store. If you looked for a specific audiobook title, it was highly unlikely that you would have found it due to the fact these stores carry only a tiny fraction of what is available. You could order it online, but the
odds are that you would have to wait a few days for the order to arrive on CD.

Now imagine how lucrative it would be for you as an affiliate if you could offer exactly what your visitor was searching for. Visitors could find their audiobook of choice directly from within your niche web site, something they would never have been able to accomplish through a conventional audiobook store. For example, there is a far greater chance of selling audiobooks on “learning foreign exchange” from a foreign exchange site than there is at a conventional bookstore or even a generalized audiobook site. The ability to go deep into these niches is the key to affiliate profitability.

Optimize for search engines while avoiding duplicate content: If you are concerned that Google (and other search engines) duplicate content filters will shut you down for page after page of audiobook title content, you can relax. Downloadable audiobook content distribution technology is available today to ensure that every page of audio ebook content on your site is unique.

Tools are available from Spoken Network that make it almost infinitely impossible to get the same page twice. For example, if a hundred page were generated with this tool, the chances of generating a page that has been created for someone else previously are about ten billion to one. Your audiobook affiliate site is a “content magnet” for the search engines.

The search engines love original content. With the ability to publish unique pages of audiobook titles in an instant, the search engines will very likely rank your pages higher once they spider your content.

Maximize commissions for profit: Amazon has long held a leading position in affiliate programs for guide sales. Yet Amazon’s single digit affiliate commissions pale in comparison to the newer audio reserve content suppliers that have entered the marketplace. So monetize your niche sites with more lucrative commissions. And for those with pure content sites (articles, reviews), add Google AdSense ads to the sites you create. With such strong audiobook content, it’s quite likely that your AdSense revenue will skyrocket. Even if you never sell an audio guide.