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Kefir Cultures – Milk, Tea, H2o Kefir, along with other Very similar Probiotics

I’m a big fan of h2o kefir. It really is brilliant in all kinds of the way. It really is not the only real variety of kefir nevertheless! Here is usually a fast rundown on the various kefir cultures out there to suit your needs to produce your very own kefir drinks from kombucha ireland.

Milk Kefir

Milk Kefir was the first utilized for brewing beverages. The traditional mountain-folk of the Caucasus location uncovered the wonderful probiotic powers every time they started out applying it to protect milk. It then unfold to Russia, getting. Eastern Europe shortly adopted milk kefir much too, and it is really use to be a health and fitness food has distribute across the entire world.

It might be used to create a yogurt-like drink that will possibly be drank as-is or mixed with fruit to help make smoothies! The grains may also be eaten for any better dose with the probiotic microbes.

Drinking water Kefir

The main documented evidence of water kefir transpiring the natural way originates from the diary of the biologist performing in Mexico within the nineteenth century. He recorded transparent growths that lived off the sugary h2o inside of a specific cactus. These turned out to get h2o kefir grains! These present the many probiotic gains of milk grains, but using a greater flexibility with regards to their use in day-to-day meals.

Whilst milk kefir is limited to making milk-based foods, water kefir can usually be provided in almost any food items you take pleasure in without the need of getting a quite fantastic impact on the food’s flavour.


Kombucha culture (or kombucha mushrooms) are quite comparable to kefir. Also they are a gaggle of co-operative micro-organisms dwelling jointly in a very progress medium. These mushrooms are brewed into tea and therefore are well-known throughout Russia and Japanese Europe likewise as in Japan. Since kombucha is so biologically comparable, some connect with it Tea Kefir.

There are actually definitely only two major cultures – milk and h2o. While milk kefir has long been all around for longer, h2o kefir is simply as healthy and delivers larger versatility.